[pmwiki-users] (Mailto) Links questions

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Mar 29 12:16:09 CST 2006

Nope, you can't. But the President of the Playschool I do a site for 
(gotta convert it to PmWiki someday!) uses hotmail because she doesn't 
know how to set up Outlook for more than one account, and at least one 
self-proclaimed web-guru uses webmail claiming it's safer because you 
don't automatically download attachments (you can still click on them 
and do damage, though!), and my father uses it because he changes 
computers a lot.

So, it's a large enough segment of the population that we need to 
remember them.

Thomas Lederer wrote:
> Hmm... no, i did not think of that. But you can't really use any mail
> link with webmail, can you?

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