[pmwiki-users] attachlist sorting

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 10:30:12 CST 2006

On 3/29/06, Hans <design at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
> scripts/uploads.php has in function FmtUploadList:
>     asort($filelist);
> This to me results in a sorting of the list where files with first
> letter in Upper Case are listed first, alphabetically, and files
> starting with a lower case letter are listed after that, also
> alphabetically.
> Dropping the code line  asort($filelist);
> results in an alphabetical list where upper and lower case names are
> mixed (at least it appears to me that way). I find this more
> desirable, and easier to locate filenames, as the first letter case is
> not so important, or not known.
> I wonder if the asort($filelist) can be omitted, or am I missing
> something vital in its presence?

And if it *can* safely be omitted, is there a way to accomplish that other
than by editing the script itself - e.g. can I add something to
config.phpto do it?  Or even better, can I add something to
config.php that will enable me to make this an option that I can select from
within the wiki?
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