[pmwiki-users] the joy of intermap

Bronwyn Boltwood bronwyn at bronwynb.info
Wed Mar 29 01:02:54 CST 2006

Is there a way to make an intermap link whose target is simply
whatever the intermap is?  Say I have an intermap

Field2:    http://example.net/field2/

I want to link to field 2.  I could do Field2:Main.HomePage, but then
when I change the default group or page, my link will break.  I don't
want to specify a pagename; I just want the link to go to field 2's
default page, and let field 2 sort out which page that is.

I've looked through the docs several times and can't see how to do
this.  The obvious solution, [[Field2: | field 2 homepage]] doesn't
work.  So how do I make such a link?

I was also going to rant about intermap not working period, but they
started working once I put them into farmmap.txt.  Clearly I do not
know how to correctly fill in Site.Intermap, and I have not been able
to find any information on how to do it right.

I am tired, and am going to bed before I get any stupider and crankier. ;)


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