[pmwiki-users] Referencing documents NOT in uploads on an internal PmWiki

Jens Schiffler jens.schiffler at gmx.de
Tue Mar 28 15:00:45 CST 2006

** Reply to message from "Steve Stone" <steves at netacquire.com> on Tue, 28 Mar
2006 12:23:50 -0800

> The link is
>   [[file:\\test.txt]]


> Under Firefox, nothing happens except that the status line reads
> done after a second.
> Under IE 6.0.2, I get an error page for "network not found".  Has anybody
> done this?

Dokuwiki (http://wiki.splitbrain.org) has a "link to windows shares" feature.
But actually this feature doesn't seem to work very well. 
Depending on browser and security settings you have to copy and paste the link.

for explanation.


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