[pmwiki-users] Could Kind-of Blog list all the entries?

Ryan R. Varick rvarick at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 11:15:24 CST 2006

Sorry for the delay in replying... I maintain KOB.

I agree that $max_blog_entries isn't the best way to do thing.  I've
run into the same problem using it myself.

I do intend to work on KOB when I get some time -- I have a small list
of improvements I'd like to make.  I'll let you know when I have an
improved version for you.  Thanks!


On 3/23/06, Elias Soong <songjl at 163.net> wrote:
> I'm considering add Blog bundle to our lab's host. When I try Kind-of
> Blog, I found that (:blogdigest:) only display the latest
> $max_blog_entries ones. Is there a way to view the other ones?
> I know I could set $max_blog_entries to be very large, but I don't think
> it is a good idea.
> My suggestion is to produce the "next page" function for (:blogdigest:).
> If there are still some entries undisplayed, then (:blogdigest:) will
> also produce a link to the next page. The next page's number could be a
> parameter of this link.
> Although I have used PmWiki for a long time and enjoy it, I'm not
> familiar with PHP. I need your help. Thanks a lot!
> Elias Soong
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