[pmwiki-users] Function in .tmpl file (Repost)

Thomas Lederer celok at gmx.net
Mon Mar 27 08:53:24 CST 2006

Thanks Dominique,

i am halfway there :)

2 Problems:
- If i request {$Author} it works (cause it is a variable from the page
i assume), but with {$AuthID} it doesn't.
- and second, it prints its result before anything else, i.e. before
<!DOCTYPE.... it should however print the result at the position it is
in the page... is this an error from my script?


Dominique Faure schrieb am 27.03.2006 14:38 Uhr:
> On 3/27/06, Thomas Lederer <celok at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> without urging anyone, maybe here could someone help me code this :)
>> The plan would be to call a function with $AuthID as argument, and being
>> able to use a new variable $RealLDAPName (or something) as well in a
>> Template file or a WikiPage.
>> Is that possible?
> Make it a specific markup directive. Add something like below into
> your php file:
> Markup('LdapRealName', 'directives',
>      '/\\(:LdapRealName (.*?):\\)/e',
>      "LDAPRetrieval(\$pagename,PSS('$1'))");
> Regards,
> Dom

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