[pmwiki-users] pmwiki broken under Apache 2.2/PHP 5.1.2

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Sun Mar 26 18:14:06 CST 2006

Stirling Westrup wrote:
> Joachim Durchholz wrote:
>> It's probably not Apache but FastCgi. I had similar hiccups when 
>> transitioning from Cgi to FastCgi - PHP offers its own FastCgi daemon, 
>> initial versions were buggy and did the Wrong Thing with the environment 
>> variables. That bug seems to have persisted long enough that some PHP 
>> scripts relied on the buggy behavior; anyway, newer PHP releases don't 
>> fix the bug by default, but offer a cgi.fix_pathinfo directive for 
>> php.ini that activates the fix. (Well, I think the results are just 
>> slightly less buggy. PHP-under-FastCgi with cgi.fix_pathinfo switched on 
>> still doesn't give you the same environment as PHP-under-Cgi, or 
>> PHP-under-mod_php.)

Well, cgi.fix_pathinfo seems to have no effect whatsoever on the 
problem, so I tried PM's suggestion. It, however, breaks PmWiki in a new 
and interesting way. Now all internal URLs take me to this page:


Where I am informed by Firefox that there is an infinite redirection 
loop from the server.

I guess for now I will give up on the idea of running PHP via FastCGI.

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