[pmwiki-users] PerformanceComparisons

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Sun Mar 26 12:52:21 CST 2006

>is it possible to have a testPage [...]
>With the same page, we could compare our wikis....

IMHO it's very difficult to mesure and compare the performance, there
are too many factors that are relevant to the performance. If the
performance is bad, it can also be a (tempory)  problem with your
personal compter, with your ISP, much traffic on the internet in general
and so on.

So actually it's nessessary to analyse the data on the server.
Of course it would be nice to have a wiki-feature for collecting and
analysing these data.

What the pmwiki site is concerned.
May be there should be an option to sync the contents of pmwiki to the
person wikis, particularly the cookbook.
The first advantage is to avoiding to access pmwiki. And may be the
response time is faster too.

Patrick Ogay

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