[pmwiki-users] blocklist instructions for farms is wrong

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Sun Mar 26 11:45:48 CST 2006

The instructions for installing Blocklist on WikiFarms is wrong:


The include should be installed in farmconfig.php, not the home 
wiki's local/config.php (which is how I read the instructions).

I don't know enough PHP to validate the actual code lines, but they 
don't look like other farm includes to me. Could some lurking PHP 
wizard please fix them up?

I can clean up the references to "fields" once someone has fixed the PHP.


Neil Herber
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Eton Systems, 15 Pinepoint Drive, Nepean, ON, Canada K2H 6B1
Tel: (613) 829-4668 

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