[pmwiki-users] Wiki trails: feature/change request

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Sun Mar 26 11:36:28 CST 2006

Sunday, March 26, 2006, 11:43:02 AM, Joachim wrote:
> I have a page inside a wiki trail, and at one point, I wanted to write

> "If you don't want to follow this advice, simply skip the rest of this
> page and continue on page [[next page of trail]]."

> Now I could simply enter the next trail page in the link, but that's not
> what I want - I'd like a markup that produces a link to the next trail
> page, whichever that is.

you can do this with  a dynamic trail created with pagelist.
Add to Site.PageListTemplates:

dynamic trail of form <<prev | Group | next>>
(:if equal {$FullName} {=$FullName}:)[[{>$FullName}|+]](:if:)

and in your page use

(:pagelist trail=GroupName.TrailPageName fmt=#nextontrail :)

(use the name of your trailpage here)

The pagelist will show the next page of the trail as a link.

I added the more general forms for dynamic trails by pagelist
to Cookbook.PagelistTemplateSamples, as #grouptrail and #grouptrail2,
for creating dynamic trail markup for navigating through a group.
The markup to use there, for instance in a GroupFooter, is
(:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#grouptrail:) for links with page names
of form PrevPageName | Group | NextPageName
and (:pagelist group={$Group} fmt=#grouptrail2:) for links of form
<<prev | Group | next>>


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