[pmwiki-users] Wiki trails: feature/change request

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Sun Mar 26 11:04:32 CST 2006

Patrick R. Michaud schrieb:
> Propose a markup and I'll supply the code.  :-)

I haven't been following trail markup recently, so this may be too far 
away from standard PmWiki markup, but anyway:

Extend link syntax to cover trail links. E.g. in [[text->target]] or 
[[target|text]], if 'target' is of the form
PmWiki should display a link to the preceding page of the trail.
A link to the next page could be written as

Such a markup would also open up the path to custom wiki trail markup. 
E.g. I could write
   [[<<TrailPage]] &bullet; [[TrailPage]] &bullet; [[TrailPage>>]]
and have bullets instead of vertical bars. Or I could write
   Previous: [[<<TrailPage]] Up: [[TrailPage]] Next: [[TrailPage>>]]
   [[Previous-><<TrailPage]] [[Up->TrailPage]] [[Next->Trailpage>>]]
as navigation at the bottom of a page.

Two issues aren't addressed; ideas welcome:

1) I have no good idea how to deal with start-of-trail and end-of-trail 
in the most general form. Some people will want to drop the 
previous-page link *and the delimiter* when on the first page (and 
similarly for the last page). To solve that, we'd need some nestable 
markup (because the delimiters could be arbitrary PmWiki markup).
2) I'd have liked to cover a way to vary the delimiters for 
Breadcrumb-style trails, too.


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