[pmwiki-users] Odd phenom/apparent bug? on pmwiki.org

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Sun Mar 26 05:07:58 CST 2006

Sunday, March 26, 2006, 12:34:55 AM, Hans wrote:
> Still something odd showing that I would like to understand:
> Gemini skin uses $Titlespaced for the page title in the template.
> Now MarkupExtensions display with the title "Markup Extensionsspaced",
> but the page has (:title Markup Extensions:)

> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/MarkupExtensions?skin=gemini

> Why? Is $Titlespaced not right anymore? It has worked everywhere
> before.

I investigated this further, and come to the conclusion that this is
caused by a bug in the markup extension script, which is enabled on
the page in question.

In particular it is caused in the 'mac' (macrons) section by the code
     $FmtP['/\\$Title/e'] = '(@$PCache[$pagename]["title"]) ?
          Macronise($PCache[$pagename]["title"]) :
          (($GLOBALS["SpaceWikiWords"]) ? \'$Namespaced\' : \'$Name\')';

Having a skin template with $Titlespaced will have the page title
appended by 'spaced', and pages with no set title will get the title
"$Namespacedspacedspaced" (literal!)

Disabling 'mac' in markup extensions will make $Titlespaced work


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