[pmwiki-users] Pages refuse to show their title

Thomas Lederer celok at gmx.net
Sat Mar 25 18:11:53 CST 2006


i am really down and out about this. It started an hour ago, when 2
pages refused to show their title.

I tried almost everything, including skin change and deactivating the
config.php, which should mean that pmwiki runs is default mode (no
cookbook etc.)

The pages are not linked with their titles but their names, but it is
only those two. It happens in the Sidebar and the Search.

Here a snippet from my sidebar:

* [[Inhalt/Start | +]]
* [[Termine/Start |+]]
* [[Galerie/Start |+]]
* [[Inhalt/Kontakt |+]]
* [[Inhalt/Weg |+]]
* [[Inhalt/Links |+]]
* [[Interna/Start | +]]
* [[{$Group}/{$Name}?action=edit|$[Edit] ]]
* [[{$Group}/{$Name}?action=attr|$[Attributes] ]]
* [[{$Group}/{$Name}?action=upload|$[Attach] ]]

Now only Inhalt/Start and Interna/Start behave like this. All the others
are fine. I just can't imagine what causes this.

And if you are on the page, the title is linked. But only then and only
the one page. The other still only says "Start".

BTW: Start is my $DefaultName.

Does someone have a clue?


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