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Greg scratch at linkline.com
Sat Mar 25 15:25:03 CST 2006


Thank you.

I'll now have to dig into templates. So much to learn. That wasn't  
too bad. And I got my css by adding the ref in the template.

But I want the navMenu.inc to show when not logged in. And I want  
another menu to show for editing--SideBar.

I have (:if !auth edit:)(:noleft:)(:if:) in the pages of interest,  
but I want navMenu.inc to show when !auth is true (not logged in-- 
double negative.) and SideBar to show when !auth is false (logged in).

I'm using the pmwiki skin to start.

I can't get my head around this since I want two different sidebars.  
One controlled by the template (navMenu) and the other controlled in   
Site.SideBar. And what's parsed and what's not. My navMenu has PHP in  


On Mar 25, 2006, at 12:32 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 12:20:53AM -0500, Greg wrote:
>> Can I make this statement work:
>> <?php include ("includes/navMenu.inc"); >
>> I'm only using PmWiki for one page at the moment on a site and
>> want to include the standard dynamic left hand menu.
>> Thanks. Hard to search for PHP on the site.
> In a template, you can do:
>     <!--file:includes/navMenu.inc-->
> Pm

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