[pmwiki-users] more ShowHide, skins, editing, etc.

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Sat Mar 25 13:25:05 CST 2006

Would a WYSIWG edit window work just as well? Might be a lot harder to 
program, but sounds like fewer steps to use.


Jon Haupt wrote:
> On 3/22/06, Hans <design at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
>>Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 10:10:42 PM, Jon wrote:
>>>It's not difficult to force PmWiki into perpetual editing mode by using
>>>if ($action == 'browse') action = 'edit';
>>>but what's more complex is making preview mode the default.  Below,
>>>you can see a test wiki where I've implemented some of this.  You
>>>won't see any text at first, because PmWiki doesn't think I want the
>>>preview to display.  In order to get to what I'd like you to see, you
>>>have to click the "Edit this Page" button, then click Preview.  Then
>>>you'll see what I mean.  Once you do this, you can instantly switch
>>>back and forth between the edit window and the actual page.
>>I feel lyke entering the twylyght zone...
>>Question: what stops the page from being displayed when I enter it?
>>Once the page is in edit mode: meaning the page "text" content is
>>displayed in the  edit text area.
>>Preview: meaning the text in the edit textarea is rendered as html,
>>including the markup on GroupHeader and GroupFooter, and displayed.
>>Instantly switching from Preview to Edit: looking at the same page,
>>but different parts of it, with the aid of javascript toggling.
>>The important think not to forget is that any changes you make in the
>>edit textbox needs to be saved. Preview does not save the page, just
>>renders wiki markup as html.
>>So I am not quite seeing the point of just switching views from the
>>edit textbox to the preview part of the page and back again, unless
>>you also save the page.
>> Hans
> Absolutely.  I see this as a stepping stone to another version that
> actually just loads the edit page when you browse, and a preview is
> still available on call.  The preview could then be loaded as a popup.
>  So:
> 1. When you request a page, it appears in 'browse' mode with the edit
> window also loaded but hidden.
> 2. When you click the edit button, it hides the main page and shows
> the edit window.
> 3. When you click "preview", a popup window appears with the contents
> of the edit window parsed and a warning that this is only a preview.
> 4. When you're ready to save changes, you simply hit "save" or "save
> and edit", same as before.
> Jon
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