[pmwiki-users] PHP include

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Sat Mar 25 00:05:03 CST 2006

 >Can I make this statement work:

><?php include ("includes/navMenu.inc"); >
>I'm only using PmWiki for one page at the moment on a site and want to include the >standard dynamic left hand menu.
>Thanks. Hard to search for PHP on the site.

If you like to execute a php-script in pmwiki, try:

Call a PHP function <!--function:SomeFunction ''arguments''-->
You could use this to call a function you defined in your local/config.php
which may print out different text based on, say, the current page or
group. The function receives full page name (ex. PmWiki.LayoutAdvanced)
and the text following function name (which is optional and can be

As there is a possibility to have a script fpr a template, see "skins" 
you can define functons for your skin there. 

Patrick O. 

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