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DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri Mar 24 17:44:31 CST 2006

I posted a while back under the subject "Adding a Reply Count to 
SimpleForum Cookbook". I should put it on the wiki, but I never know 
where to post these things -- anyone suggest something?

Not sure how to link back to an old post, so here's the content. Point 3 
provides a function that provides a backlink.

Just thought I'd share how I've implemented the Cookbook/SimpleForum.
Each page has a tabbed link to a discussion page, which also includes a
count of the number of posts on the page. For a sample refer to

Each page has a tabbed Discuss link. This points to a page in the group
Forum named "Group-Pagename". The Discuss tab is replaced with a Return
tab when viewing the Forum to allow the user to return to the base page.

Here's what I did:

1] Setup SimpleForum. I've defined Forum.GroupFooter to contain:

2] Change your skin template to include a link to the Discussion forum.
I changed my skin to include a tabbed link to a 'discussion' forum page.

My skin .tmpl has:

3] Add functions to create the link to the discussion page, and count
the posts in the discussion page. The count is based on the number of
times the markup ">>messagehead<<" occurs on the page.

I created a two functions in my skin .php file:
     function FindInPage($pagename,$find) {
        $p = ReadPage($pagename, READPAGE_CURRENT);
        return substr_count($p['text'], $find);

     function DisplayDiscuss($x) {
        global $ScriptUrl;
        $Group = FmtPageName('$Group',$x);
        $Page  = FmtPageName('$Name',$x);
        if ($Group=='Forum') {
           $BasePage = explode('-',$Page,2);
           $html = "<a \n id='return'
        } else {
           $html = "<a \n id='discuss'
        echo $html;

That's it!


noskule wrote:
> hi list
> I try to make a backlink from a discussionpage. If discusstionpages are 
> stored in a "discussion" group the macklink look like this.
> Discussion.Group-Name -> Group.Name
> $FmtPV['$BaseName'] = 'str_replace("-", ".", $name)';
> the above example is form 
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/CommentPageLink
> but how it works if I want to replace
> Group.Name-Discussion -> Group.Name
> grz nos
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