[pmwiki-users] Add title attribute to link?

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Mar 24 13:51:02 CST 2006

I like the third. Three fields, separated by pipes. Fits the current 

link text
tool tip

If only two fields used, then is no tool tip. Old sites and links with 
no tooltip will fail gracefully.

If only one field used, whatever the default is now.

I can't see a situation where you'd have a tool tip but no link text.

Method one, you have pesky quotation marks to deal with, and it visually 
runs into the URL. Pain to debug.

Method two, you have another markup word to use.

I have no comment on the links done using -> because I don't use that 


Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 08:58:49PM +1300, Allister Jenks wrote:
>>   Next question:
>>   In the same way that one can specify Attach:image.jpg"Tooltip" to add a
>>   'title' attribute to the <img>, is there a way I can add a title attribute
>>   to a link?
> This question comes up frequently enough that I wonder if it should
> be a core feature.
> I can see three likely ways of doing this (other suggestions are
> welcomed):
>     [[ http://www.example.com"Example.com title" | link text ]]
>     %title="Example.com title"% [[ http://www.example.com | link text]]
>     [[ http://www.example.com | link text | Example.com title ]]
> Ideas, anyone?
> Pm

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