[pmwiki-users] Could PageList to be devided to several pages automaticly?

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Fri Mar 24 10:19:18 CST 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006, 1:29:36 PM, Patrick wrote:

> Oh, that's a possibility.  I've been thinking of having something like:

>     start=21 count=20

> except I can't decide if the parameter should be called "start", "first",
> "skip", or ...

> (Using a separate "start" parameter is nice, because it makes it
> easier to do something like

>    (:pagelist ... count=10 start={?start} :)

> where the starting point can be indicated by a link of some sort.

If you go down that route you may also create a "end" parameter:

(:pagelist .... start=... end=... :)

for maximum flexibility.
and it may not exclude count=xx..yy

I prefer the term "start" over "first" or "skip".

I noticed that pagelist.php has already got variables $pagecount,
$groupcount, $grouppagecount. Are you going to make them global and
available as page variables? I tried and with little effort had
pagelists diplaying pages 1-20, 21-40 etc.

But count= xx..yy , start=nn , end=mm will be a much easier syntax.


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