[pmwiki-users] getting form variables

Tom Carchrae carchrae at 4c.ucc.ie
Fri Mar 24 02:00:01 CST 2006

> On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 01:58:49PM -0700, Bellave Jayaram wrote:
>> Sorry, I don't know much about how forms work but if there are multiple
>> forms that were submitted, would this (?name) markup be able to retrieve the
>> values from all of them or only the last submit?
> Only the last submit, and only if that submit led directly to the
> current page.

this is true.  but, if {?name} markup was available the form designer
can pass hidden values to future forms.

> Maintaining form/session values across pages is beyond PmWiki's scope,
> although recipes are free to do something with it.

is there a recipe to store values in cookies or php sessions?  this
combined with the {?name} markup would be interesting.  perhaps a
{cookie:name} or a {session:name} markup?

i guess i see the fear of feature creep into a scripting language from
a markup...


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