[pmwiki-users] ?action=source (ad hoc login)

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Thu Mar 23 23:27:17 CST 2006


I remarked that an include (of cource:-) is not possible when the site is read protected.
As a workarround (and because isn't not really secret) I assigned a $HandleAuth:

    $DefaultPasswords['guest']  = '';
    $HandleAuth['source'] = 'guest';  /* probably this can be done in a group.php */

And it works so far because ?action=source is unprotected now 

I'm wondring if there is a way to propagate the current "valid login" 
to tell the other wiki, to allow the access? 
Would be nice to have wiki-to-wiki auth feature, a way to restrict a request 
to a certain wiki. 
May be wiki-to-wiki communication feature wouldn't be bad at all. 

Patrick Ogay

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