[pmwiki-users] getting form variables

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Thu Mar 23 14:58:49 CST 2006

Sorry, I don't know much about how forms work but if there are multiple
forms that were submitted, would this (?name) markup be able to retrieve the
values from all of them or only the last submit?


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On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 01:28:59PM -0000, Tom Carchrae wrote:
> eg, on one page:
> (:input form "pmwiki.php?n=Page2":)
> (:input text name size=30:)
> (:input end:)
> and then on Page2
> hello (:getarg name:)!

I've been thinking of adding a {?name} markup, which would return
the value from a submitted form or url.  Maybe I'll write up
a recipe for it and people can try it out.


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