[pmwiki-users] Problems with PHP 4.4.2 ?

Dirk Jan Blaas blaas739 at planet.nl
Thu Mar 23 12:42:47 CST 2006

The problem was there for two days. Yesterday I have been pulling my 
hair out. Today the problem is gone. I suspect my provider has solved 
something that was wrong (I havn't been able to contact them yet) . 
Anyway everything is back to normal now. You can all forget that I 
raised the problem (until something like this occurs again ...).
Anyone who had a peep at my url and found nothing wrong, thanks for 
looking anyway.
Greatings, Dirk Blaas

Dirk Blaas wrote:
> Dear group,
> I'm having a weird problem at the moment.
> I can't make changes on pages in my wiki.
> It began with the problem of repeatedly asking for the edit password 
> today , where the wiki worked well before.
> The only thing i can think of is the fact that my host has upgraded to 
> PHP 4.4.2 (build 16-03-2006).
> I can't find any differences in the session-settings between the 
> hosted wiki and my test-wiki at home (where everything works fine with 
> PHP 4.3.11)
> Anyone care to take a look at www.de-theeroos.nl where i put a clean 
> install of PmWiki 2.1.3 (problem was first encountered with 2.0.13)?
> Try to edit the homepage with edit password 'secret' and you will see. 
> I have put EnableDiag on. Securitysettings are good (777 on wiki.d).
> What i see happening is that after an edit submission a file 
> Main.HomePage,new is made in wiki.d with 0 bytes alongside the file 
> Main.HomePage. When i delete Main.HomePage from wiki.d and edit the 
> HomePage handed from wikilib.d, this first edit succeeds and puts a 
> new file in wiki.d. The second edit after that fails again.
> I took a look at PHP.net and saw that there was recently a bug 
> reported for 4.4.2 on the subject of   'sessions' (reportnr 36782) but 
> i am not able to see if it is related.
> Greatings, DirkBlaas

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