[pmwiki-users] new user help!

Tim H tim at simulat.com
Wed Mar 22 22:33:07 CST 2006

Hi. pmwiki is awesome. a few easy questions....

1. Embedding a JPG without hard reference. I tried these ways:

 Attach:image.gif"My image" 
 %lfloat% Attach:image.gif 
 %width=200px% Attach:image.gif 

all of them result in a LINK in the published page, not an image:
 Atach:image.gif ^

2. Embedding FLASH. I put swf.php in my ./cookbook
   addedto my config.php file: include_once('cookbook/swf.php');
    then  %width=640px height=400px%Attach:MyFlash.swf 
   didnt work, same result as #1 above. maybe there are related problems?

how do i fix?

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