[pmwiki-users] PHP help with the " if " control statement

Miller, Joshua web at cityofelmira.net
Thu Mar 23 10:09:34 CST 2006

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At 2006-03-23  10:41 AM -0500, Miller, Joshua is rumored to have said:
>     if(!empty($_GET["link")) {
>That doesn't work...  When I reload the page, I get a blank white 
>page...the recipe breaks the wiki.

If you just did a cut-n-paste, it looks to me like one of the
parentheses got changed to a bracket. Does:

   if(!empty($_GET("link")) {

work any better?


No, it does the same thing.

My guess is I'm having a problem using an if statement in the middle of
the concatenations and assignments.  Does that make sense?  Here's the
text again:

        $rcpage['text'] = $before.
           /*   "\n$$$$\$default".  pog? */
                ."(:if date "
  #              if($_GET["link"]!=""){
                    ."  [["
                    ."| »Click here for more]]"
   #             }

If I comment out as indicated above, the wiki doesn't go blank (but the
if statement is obviously ignored), so I'm left to believe that I'm
either having a problem with the syntax of the if statement or the if
statement can't go there....in which case, how do I set up a
conditional?  Anybody have any ideas?


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