[pmwiki-users] getting form variables

Tom Carchrae carchrae at 4c.ucc.ie
Thu Mar 23 07:28:59 CST 2006


i am working with the forms markup (:input :) and would
like to be able to display the form value in a subsequent
wiki page.

eg, on one page:

(:input form "pmwiki.php?n=Page2":)
(:input text name size=30:)
(:input end:)

and then on Page2

hello (:getarg name:)!


any ideas?

i tried the following markup hack:

function mygetarg($argname)
	if (isset($_REQUEST[$argname]))
	  return $_REQUEST[$argname];
	  return "";

Markup('getarg', 'fulltext',
   '/\\(:getarg (.*?):\\)/',

i did some debugging, and i notice that part of the problem is
the order of parsing the code.  for example, it appears that $1
is passed to my function, instead of what $1 represents, eg
'name'.  so maybe this is my fault?  i tried '$1' -> $1 but
that didnt work.

any tips/pointers appreciated.


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