[pmwiki-users] bug in commentbox

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 03:42:07 CST 2006

Dolph alerted me to a curious bug using commentbox.
After some testing I can say that it affects all versions
of commentbox.php and commentboxstyled.php, running on any pmwiki
version 2.0.0 and higher. Well I tested not every pmwiki version, but
the bug appears on version 2.1, version 2.1.beta13, and version 2.0.0.

Bug description:
Using  the commentbox Post, posting something, or nothing, will strip
some backslashes from the page, wherever those backslashes are, end of
line or in the line.
Single backslashes get stripped entirely.
Double backslashes get one backslash stripped.
Triple backslashes get two backslashes stripped.
Quadruple backslashes get two bs. stripped.
Quintuple backslashes get three bs. stripped.
(and now I am running out of latin terms...)
Sextuple backslashes get  three bs. stripped.
Septuple backslashes get four bs. stripped.
(etc. progressively I guess)

So this is not only affecting line breaks introduced with \\,
but also any use of \ in the text.

It happens using the commentbox message posting function and also
its journal and diary posting functions.

I don't know why this is happening, and if this bug has been known
before, or why it has not come to attention before.
Any help to solve it will be greatly appreciated.


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