[pmwiki-users] Advanced Tables Question

Brooks Kelley busy1 at kelleyhousehold.com
Wed Mar 22 23:15:11 CST 2006

Greetings Everyone,

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to add a
customized THEAD and TFOOT element to advanced tables?

I have found a really neat javascript sorting routine
for tables and I am trying to add it to the advanced
tables I use on AzRepeaters.Net and it requires these

I tried a simple work around using a markup --
(:includefile sample.html:), but it did not work. 

I found it places the file before the TABLE
declaration instead of after even though I call it
right after I use the (:table:) declaration.

Here is what I mean....

   (:includefile THEAD_TFOOT.inc:)

Thanks in advance,

Brooks Kelley

Brooks Kelley

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Thank You,

Brooks Kelley
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