[pmwiki-users] Wiki relocation

Doug P dougp at ispinn.com
Wed Mar 22 16:04:43 CST 2006

My web site used to have its root in the


directory, which would have put the wiki directory at


and so on. The new ISP now has my web site's root at


which places my wiki at


and so forth, and I'm trying to unravel why I can *edit* my wiki


but I can't *save* it. I can't even change my attr so you can look at it.

These are the error messages:
*Warning*: fopen(wiki.d/CoRe.CoRe,new): failed to open stream: Permission
denied in *\\NAWINFS03\home\users\web\b1328\rh.parkerd\wiki\pmwiki.php* on
line *576*
PmWiki can't process your request

Cannot write page to CoRe.CoRe (wiki.d/CoRe.CoRe)...changes not saved

We are sorry for any inconvenience.
PHP Warning

I've looked at config.php in the local directory. I was looking for a line
that would need to be changed to account for dropping the


directory from the installation, but I can't see anything in config.php.
It's got to be something simple. I sure hope it's a simple solution.

The web host is ReadyHosting.com. Maybe someone else has figured this out.

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