[pmwiki-users] tweaking the operation of Site.AuthForm

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 14:06:55 CST 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 7:24:15 PM, Neil wrote:
> However, this does not solve my original problem which is:
> 1) user logs on to read, gives name and pw
> 2) user then tries to edit, gets new pw prompt, but "name" is not 
> pre-filled with the name the user just entered

> In other words, I want to pre-fill the name field with $Author, but I
> don't know how.

Neil, try this in Site.AuthEdit:

'''$[Password required]'''
(:input auth_form:)
$[Name]: (:input text name=author value="{$Author}":)\\
$[Password]: (:input password name=authpw:)
(:input submit value='OK':)
(:input end:)

I just added value="{$Author}" to the name field.
It seems to work on my machine.

In fact it worked before without this mod, but that was because my
firefox browser wa sset to prefill any forms it has encountered
before, so it remembered my author name.


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