[pmwiki-users] Wiki speed diferences, no apparent reason

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Mar 22 12:53:13 CST 2006

Ahhh, yes, and then perhaps recommendations for webhosting companies
that offer the ideal setup for running PmWiki (for those who don't run
their own server).

On the other hand there are some things that could be suggested to
speed things up.  When I first set my wiki up, I simply included all
my recipes and custom markups in local/config.php and before I was
done it was loading quite slow (I had a bunch of them).  I realized
most of the recipes were only used here and there, and set up a bunch
of group/page specific config files, stripped my main config file down
to the bare minimum, and the speed went up immediately.

A simple tip perhaps, but a page to help those wanting to speed up
performance with a few such suggestions might be helpful.  I am
beginning to get the impression, wiki's are generally a bit slow
because of all the text processing done in them?


On 3/22/06, Philip Stitt <phil at octopusmusic.com> wrote:
> >  It almost has to be system related somehow.  It's not as if the
> >  code PmWiki uses varies in any appreciable way, so if PmWiki is ever
> >  fast at generating a long pagelist, then any observed slowdowns must
> >  be due to something else (or an interaction with something else).
> In that case, I'm not sure if like a page on this topic would serve much
> of a purpose after all. I was hoping that some admins had experienced -
> and then solved - this sort of problem already... but if it's purely a
> system problem, then that's another issue.
> Then on the other hand...
> >  My PmWiki site (2.1.3 with some cookbook recipes) is hosted in a Server
> >  provided by my university (Nice University of France) and I have never
> >  experienced a slow down of my PmWiki site.
> If some admins (like myself) are frequently having performance problems,
> and other admins (like Jean) *never* have these problems, then I think a
> list of comparisons might help in isolating the problem. If you are
> running a wiki that is always fast, I'd like to know how you have your
> system set up, perhaps I could replicate it. That was really what I had
> in mind for a "performance" page - who's having problems, who's not, and
> how do their set-ups compare - including server, OS, recipes, PHP
> version, etc.
> Phil
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