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I have a request that I’m trying to figure out how to do, I’ll explain my




I want to be able to do a direct search from words rather than having to
type them in, but this search be off site.


Bigger picture


This would be part of a bigger script, I would have a custom input form
which could input directly to the page, in a table like HYPERLINK


In the section labelled enchantment and the section labelled Cost, the Words
would become a direct Search link. But the numbers and the X wouldn’t, only
if the numbers and the X are before anything else, as some words are bound
to have a X or a number in them.


(also note that the who section directly links to the relevant user profile
on the webpage, this also happens in HYPERLINK
section, but no use of the search link would be required but still use of
the auto linking, perhaps when ever that word is typed it gets linked)


As I said this data would hopefully be able to be inputted directly into the
table on the page, so the input form would have relevant boxes, (I am yet to
create this)


I would appreciate any help with this, if I didn’t make any of this clear
enough please mail me and ask.


HYPERLINK "mailto:stealth at fireflyuk.net"stealth at fireflyuk.net





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