[pmwiki-users] Wiki speed diferences, no apparent reason

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Wed Mar 22 07:25:14 CST 2006

I work with my personalwiki all the day, and it is always very fast (it 
has 620 pages and I make many searches).

But there are some strange phenomes.
Unter Mozilla (I work with 1.72) sometimes alle the connection gets very 
slow, or even there is no connection enymore. Work offline, work online 
always resolves this problem in my case.

Another phenomene I  know. A friend told me that the blug-wiki is 
extremly slow, but when I access it from my computer, it very fast too. 
I do rather believe, the phenomene has to do with the network configuration.
Particularly under Linux I experienced some strange problems, because of 
the "speed" of some sites...

Patrick  0.

>Philip Stitt schrieb:
>>Sometimes my website is unbearably slow. It will get that way for about
>>20 to 30 minutes at a time. If I spend all day working on my site, I'll
>>see this happen maybe 5 or 6 times during the day, sometimes more.

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