[pmwiki-users] Syncing wikis

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Wed Mar 22 06:03:58 CST 2006

I sync my master wiki with svn on my server., thats very nice und fast.

But I maintain some wiki, with just ftp access.
I searched und found a "ftpsync"  in the web which does the job.
I made a script - it's really cool, so I can maintain the wikis much 

The "ftpsync" unfortunatly does only work in one direction.
For backuping wiki.d  I use a ftp-script, to copy the contents of wiki.d

If somebody is interested or/and I have time I can make a receipt.

Patrick O.

Jan Erik Moström wrote:

>I've been syncing two wikis by copying files between them (not manually!!)
>but I've started to wonder if using subversion would make this easier and
>make it possible to add a third location (don't ask) without to much
>Have anyone tried using subversion for this? Are there some issues or does it
>just works?
>                jem

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