[pmwiki-users] Setting and getting cookies in PmWiki

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Wed Mar 22 00:51:19 CST 2006

Sorry, I know this might be slightly OT but I would like to know how one might
be able to configure a "shopping cart" kind of cookie setting and retrieving
code within PmWiki. 

My requirement is that on my wiki a reader will access several pages on each of
which there are multiple checkboxes and a "Add to Cart" button which saves the
settings (name=checkboxvar1, checkboxvar2 etc.) in a cumulative way. After
reading all the pages, he/she will visit a page with a "Get Cart" button which
retrieves all the checkbox variables set and dynamically generates a page.

Has anyone done something similar? Is there something that comes close? This is
my first foray into PHP so I don't even know where to start. I looked at the
PayPalButton recipe but it does not seem appropriate.



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