[pmwiki-users] converting the VisitorsLogging script

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Tue Mar 21 17:45:20 CST 2006

The cookbook script:

does exactly what I want it to do with a couple of exceptions, and I 
am hoping someone can suggest to me how to modify the script to meet my goals.

For every action a visitor performs, the script appends a single log 
line to the bottom of a pure text file in a directory inside wiki.d/. 
It starts a new file every day and it deletes files that are more 
than "n" days old.

I want to convert it to add the log line to the bottom of a wiki page 
(say Site.VisitorLog) and that's it. No rotation, no pruning, nada.

I want to be able to see the log from a browser, and I suppose I 
could do includes of the files, yada, yada - but just having a wiki 
page that I can edit and archive as I see fit would be best.

Later, when I am feeling fancy, I will ask for wiki-accessible 
controls on a page called Site.VisitorLogControls.

Thanks to Christophe David for the current script.


Neil Herber
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Eton Systems, 15 Pinepoint Drive, Nepean, ON, Canada K2H 6B1
Tel: (613) 829-4668 

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