[pmwiki-users] commentboxstyled/uploads/wildcard users etc.

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Tue Mar 21 14:55:56 CST 2006

I would like to thank everyone who sent me suggestions that helped 
get my newest wiki up and running (alas, not in public view).

I now have:
*wildcard user logon for read access that sets $Author
*a custom Site.AuthForm with different prompts for different 
passwords, (edits are protected separately)
*a comment form that doesn't require edit access (Thanks Hans!!)
*uploads that honor commas in file names

The only item outstanding on my wish list is [[AttachVerbose:xxx]], 
which I would be quite willing to install as a local config item, if 
only I knew how ...  ;-)

The fact that I could get answers to all of these questions in less 
time than I spend on hold waiting for a commercial software vendor's 
"customer service agents" to tell me to reinstall the OS is a 
testament to the design and flexibility of the PmWiki "tractor". 
(Sorry, I couldn't resist hauling that one out of the barn.)

Double thanks to you, Patrick.


Neil Herber
Corporate info at http://www.eton.ca/
Eton Systems, 15 Pinepoint Drive, Nepean, ON, Canada K2H 6B1
Tel: (613) 829-4668 

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