[pmwiki-users] page toc enhancement: toc-hide

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon Mar 20 16:29:10 CST 2006

The latest version of Cookbook.PageTableOfContents adds a 
(:toc-hide:) directive. This allows authors to define a 
"remote table of contents" while omitting a toc from the 
remote page.

Put (:toc-page PageName:) on SomePage to generate a remote 
toc for PageName. 

Put (:toc-hide:) on PageName to generate the required 
heading anchors, without generating a toc. Like (:toc:),
it generates anchors for headings after the directive.

Note: you cannot use (:toc-back:) on the same page as
(:toc-hide:), as there is no toc to go back to.

This enhancement will also be in the next PublishPDF 
John Rankin

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