[pmwiki-users] AuthUser,pwd in Site.AuthUser and htpasswd

OBUTEX / Hladůvka admin at obutex.com
Mon Mar 20 15:35:33 CST 2006

I wish to maintain users using Site.AuthUser only.
But there is a problem with login.
The  Site.GroupAttributes  Read is set to id*
In local/config.php only Admin is defined as an user before calling 
include AuthUser...

When I erased local/.htpasswd  I  was not able to login  as  a common  
user  defined
in Site.AuthUser i.e.
Bob: @userSk, at managers (:encrypt somepwd:)
when I started the browser.

Only after I logged in as an Admin (defined in local/config), then  
loged out via Site.HomePage?action=logout
and loged in as a Bob with "somepwd" then I succeed.
After logout, closing the browser, starting the browser ( MSIE) it was 
not possible
to login as Bob.

After the local/.htpasswd was renewed and Bob inserted in, it works.

The maintenance by Site.AuthUser only is  important  for me as I expect  
tens  of users  for  which
I can generate the proper lines assigning them into different 
combinatios of @groups and hierarchies.
I was happy and thought everything works fine debugging the site from my 
notebook and switching
from one type of user to another (without closing the browser) but when 
I said to my boss to try it
on his own he could not log in unless the Admin was logged in and logged 
out :-(

Using PmWiki 2.1.2

Advise, please.

OBUTEX s.r.o
Ing.Jiří Hladůvka
Zlatovská 22
911 01 Trenčín

tel.: +421 (0)32 6587000
mailto:admin at obutex.com


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