[pmwiki-users] RichEdit In a Windows env

Stef Mientki S.Mientki at mailbox.kun.nl
Mon Mar 20 08:07:47 CST 2006

>  I have read that there are a few users expierencing this issue, but I have
>yet to find a solution.  I have pmwiki 2.1 beta 32 running on a Windows 2003
>with PHP 5.1.2 and ActivePerl 5.8 installed.  The RichEditor appears and
>saves without any error messages, but when it saves, it deletes the contents
>of the page.  The history displays that the lines have been removed and I
>can restore if I switch back to the default editor.  Can anyone point me in
>the right direction?
No ...
... that's just as far as a lot of us has come,
and we're not able to get any reaction from the orginal author :-(

Stef Mientki


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