[pmwiki-users] $AuthId gets lost (minor bug?)

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sun Mar 19 08:33:36 CST 2006

> On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 03:22:39PM +0100, Thomas Lederer wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> another observation: Whenever i change attributes, i am logged
>>> out. Is this behaviour on purpose?
> Yes.  The reason is that many people would often set a password on a
> page, and then they would think that it "didn't work" because they
> could immediately access the page without being asked for a password
> (because they were still logged in and thus had access to the page).
> So, by clearing all of the session's passwords, it's very clear as to
> what passwords are required.
> Pm
Is there any way to disable this feature.  It is a bit annoying, and
just slows me down.

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