[pmwiki-users] wiki farm terminology

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Sun Mar 19 06:36:12 CST 2006

Sunday, March 19, 2006, 7:07:24 AM, Neil wrote:

Thanks Neil! I'll have a first go :)

PmWiki engine
    The software that makes PmWiki work, as opposed to the
    content of the wiki that readers see.

    For me that is just PmWiki.
    I would only refer to the core parts of Pmwiki as an engine in
    comparison to what we call the "skin", the visible appearance and
    its user interface.

PmWiki installation directory
    If you do a standard, single install of PmWiki, it goes into this directory.

    We can also call it simply PmWiki directory. As it is the
    directory with the pmwiki.php script.

Re: Deprecated terms that should not be used

    These are good definitions, but what should those terms be
    replaced with?

farm directory
    This could be called PmWiki directory.
    It should always denote the directory for pmwiki
    (i.e. the "shared components" for a farm).

    Does it not need a replacement term??

farm administrator
field administrator
    It is a useful distinction, as a wiki on a farm can be
    independently administered by a wiki admin who does not need
    access to the pmwiki directory.
    I suggest we keep "farm administrator", and use "wiki
    administrator" for someone who has access to a wiki's local/config

barn - PmWiki directory

crop - component bundles

tractor :-))

For PmWiki/PathVariables I suggest a new definition for $FarmD.
A first attempt:

    The directory on the server where pmwiki.php and its scripts/
    subdirectory is located.
    The variable can be used for a wiki's local customisations
    to distinguish the farm's cookbook/ and pub/ subdirectories
    from the wiki's subdirectories.


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