[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-users Digest, Vol 9, Issue 130

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sat Mar 18 18:51:39 CST 2006

I've been out all day, so have missed some of the discussion about the
Farm terminology, but I'll throw in a few cents. It seems we are kind
of going around in circles.

I like the phrase PmWiki Engine--it suggests to me the part of the
code that processes the markup's, etc. But I personally prefer the
phrase "Code Base".  No reason, except perhaps it's closer to Code
Barn ;)  Moreso, I guess, because it mixes metaphors.

The whole problem from the beginning, as I see it, was ambiguity about
the word Farm. My grasp of the consensus was that that phrase should
be used to refer specifically to a particular approach to using PmWiki
(essentially separating the wiki from the code base in one of any
number of configurations).

The wiki's would be called wiki's (field or home). We do need a term
for the codebase.  I say, call it: Code Base. (aka the Barn).

Also a concern:  we might want to be careful about being too rigid
about all this. Personally, I would like to put together a very simple
Recipe on Farms (don't know if I will find time...), that emphasizes
the farm metaphor a bit more to help explain conceptually what is
happening in a Farm installation for newbies.  It could be called
Farms for City Folk.  Others might prefer a recipe a more technical,
less entertaining, or whatever. That should be written by another. 
Even if there are three or four, it is OK.  I had to study several
farm recipes carefully, pool their suggestions, and still had to get
extra help from Pm and others on the list before mine would work. 
Having a couple different recipes from different perspectives on such
an important topic wouldn't hurt.


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