[pmwiki-users] Blog feature request.

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Sat Mar 18 15:05:41 CST 2006

I currently write two weekly blogs and am thinking of adding a third. 
I've been looking around for different blog software to switch to than 
what I am using.

I've become so pleased with PmWiki and its highly supportive community 
that I've decided that I'll wait for PmWiki to have blog support and 
then go with that. It will mean one less package to support, a unified 
wiki markup language, and an already proven track record of an 
easy-to-use flexible code base coupled with this forum of enthusiastic 
volunteers. :-)

Anyway, that said, I'd like to request a feature for the new blogging 
software. I'm currently dealing with a nasty cold and unable to write my 
columns at the moment. I do have some pre-written articles that I wrote 
for just such occasions as this, and will go through the rigmarole of 
pulling them out of my files and uploading them.

It would be far preferable though, if I could have some sort of hidden 
(author-access only) queue group to which I could pre-publish articles 
and from which they would automatically get pulled at regular intervals 
and posted to the main site.

That way I could try to write my articles ahead of time, much like the 
Schlock Mercenary web comic does, and have them automatically published 
whether or not I'm fit, or even in the country. (Which reminds me -- 
PmWiki's blog features should support web comics, but I doubt they have 
very different demands than a normal blog.)

This would make it possible for me to go away for a few weeks without 
having to worry about logging in at regular intervals and uploading my 
articles or otherwise fussing with the site.

Thanks, and sorry if the above is a bit rambling. Like I said, I've got 
a nasty cold right now, and not thinking too clearly.

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