[pmwiki-users] Note on tooltip options

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Fri Mar 17 23:20:03 CST 2006

At 2006-03-17  08:05 PM -0600, Patrick R. Michaud is rumored to have said:
>On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 06:35:21PM -0700, H. Fox wrote:
> > For links that would be
> >
> >    [[ http://www.example.com | Link text ]]
> >    [[ http://www.example.com | | Title text ]]
> >    [[ http://www.example.com | Link Text | Title text ]]
>Do we also need
>      [[ Link Text -> http://www.example.com | Title text ]]

The first three make eminent sense. They are internally consistent, 
and elements stay in the same order.

Other than the fact that it might break existing markup, I would say 
get rid of the [[ Link Text -> http://www.example.com ]] markup 
altogether. It never made sense to me, the GUI link buttons in the 
edit window don't generate it, and we have a perfectly good markup 
that does the same job using one fewer character. (I never use it as a result.)

To ease the transition, deprecate it now by freezing its behavior and 
removing it from docs as a suggested markup.


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