[pmwiki-users] SideBar (RightBar) CheatSheet

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Mar 17 20:52:16 CST 2006

FWIW, I finally got what I wanted (cheatsheet in rightbar) with this.
I deleted of course, the text on the bottom of Site.EditForm.

<!--wiki:$Action.RightBar $Group.$Name-RightBar $Group.RightBar-->

And then a page called


Really, slick.  Here's the cheatsheet I put in the box if anyone is
interested. Anyone have suggestions?

(:include {$Name}.SideBar lines=1:)
Italics: [=''=]''text''[=''=]\\
Bold: [='''=]'''text'''[='''=]\\
Smaller: [='-=]'-text-'[=-'=]\\
Bigger: [='+=]'+text+'[=+'=]\\
Colors: [=%blue%=]%blue%text

Center: [=%center%text=]\\
Right: [=%right%text=]\\
Indent: -> text\\
More Indent: --> text

*Item (use *)
*Item (use *)
# Item (use #)
# Item (use #)

FAST Links:\\
  [=[[=][[Main.Main|Group/Page]][=]]=] or\\

Sign Name: [=~~=]~\\
Sign & Date: [=~~=]~~

For more info see our FAST Help Files

(The first line is just to wrap it in a style matching the SideBar so
whichever group I am in both sidebars match in color). There ought to
be a law against thing so fun as PmWiki!


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