[pmwiki-users] SideBar (RightBar) CheatSheet

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Mar 17 17:26:29 CST 2006

Finally getting around to some more cosmetic touches.  Trying to get
my RighBar to change on action=edit.  I was using the Cookbook recipe:
SideBarSpecial to create a custom RightBar when editing a page. 
Looked like my exact solution!

I edited my TMPL file to incorporate:

    <!--wiki:Site.$Action-RightBar $Group.$Name-RightBar $Group.RightBar-->

Then created a page called


with some test text.  Edited the page, and no luck. The second option
(the page over write group RightBar does work, but not the on-edit. 
Any suggestions?

I'm wondering if it's because the page is called Edit and the action is edit?


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