[pmwiki-users] (:logbook:) v 0.5 now with AJAX

EuGeNe eugene at boardkulture.com
Fri Mar 17 13:54:40 CST 2006

Hi All

(:logbook:) is a calendar browsing tool designed with PmWiki's side bar 
in mind for those who want to turn there wiki into a basic bliki (wiki + 

See http://www.3kwa.com/Tutorial/Logbook for more details and play with 
a working installation of (:logbook:).

I didn't announce v 0.4 which was a bug fix and added a couple of 
features requested by Daniel Friedman from http://www.spampal.de.

Version 0.5 is all about AJAX, making browsing through months without 
reloading the full wiki page! It uses http://www.mochikit.org, and will 
degrade nicely even if Javascript is not allowed by visiting browsers.

Installation requires some TWEAKING but it seems to work nicely.

Hope you will like it.



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