[pmwiki-users] 2 questions: NewPageBoxPlus and Forums

Philip Stitt phil at octopusmusic.com
Fri Mar 17 13:08:34 CST 2006

By the way, when I said:
>>   I haven't upgraded to 2.1 yet
That was an error, I meant to say I'm still using 2.1 beta 20, but not
beta 21. 

Anyway, I have upgraded now, to 2.1.3, with no real problems. I did
notice something very bad with NewPageBoxPlus, though. I have it set so
that it uses a template for the new page, and I'm using save=true so
that it automatically saves the page without opening it for editing.
The problem is that if you enter a page name that already exists, it
completely overwrites the old page - even if the page has an edit

I tried this several times by clearing my cookies, closing my browser,
and getting back on the site without using anypasswords, then typing
the name of an old password-protected page, and the old page was
overwritten with the contents of the template page. 

It also appears that I get no info when I use the 'diff' action on the
old page. It's as if this were the first version of the page, which is
extra bad, because I can't even restore the page. Has anyone else
noticed this?


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