[pmwiki-users] Function in .tmpl file

Thomas Lederer celok at gmx.net
Fri Mar 17 07:22:56 CST 2006

Ok, i am giving up.

Aim: calling a function or variable in the template file, that returns
the authors real name.

Already done: php script that processes the $LastModifiedBy (or any
other Variable, like $AuthId through the LDAP Server and returns
"firstname lastname".

What i can not get done: call the function from the template with a

We had <!--function:FuncName--> earlier in the list, but how do i pass a
parameter like "LastModifiedBy" or "AuthID" for processing


I would also be happy if i could define the function in config.php so
that the "real name" is accessible through a $LastModRealName and/or
$AuthIDRealName variable... (i actually need both)

Any help appreciated.

best regards,

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